OEM/ODM Service

Can not find the product you are looking for on our website?

our highlytrained staff has the experience and skills necessary to source the product you need. And if we can not find that product, we will develop any custom project along your requirements.

We will make sure to find the USB product or hitech device you are looking for, no matter what it is or how difficult

it is to find.

If we can not find it, we can make it!

Customizable Flash Drives


To fulfill all of your gift/premium needs, we now also carry other promotional products such as: Pens, Keychains, T-Shirts, Caps, Tote Bags, Mouse Pads...etc; with high quality and low price





Each of the products in our line comes in standard color options, but we can custom-color nearly all of them to your specification.

We use the Pantone Color Matching System -- most organizations logos already have assigned Pantone colors, so be sure to check with your graphics or marketing department before selecting colors.

Custom-coloring does add some cost and time to a project, but for large-volume orders we often waive the extra fee. Talk to your sales rep about coloring options.



Custom Tooling option gives you nearly complete freedom to design and make a flash drive or other USB product using whatever combin -ation of materials you want (plastic, pvc, wood, leather..) and ANY shape you want.. We will create custom tooling that will be used to manufacture your spec.


Producing a custom design with a rubber mold gives you complete freedom and removes the complexity of creating a custom-tooled project.

The shock resistance function and colorful looks will help you cre ating an unique and stylish image for your logo!



USB shapes can be made-to-order but there are also many pre-existing options. Basic shapes like a square and circle as well as more complex shapes like a heart, house, truck, car, pill bottle, airplane and more are available.



Make sure your message is reinforced and not ignored!

Our Data Service options allow you to make an already impressive modern gadget truly outstanding. Before you receive your order,we can load your products with any type of digital content that you want to be seen.Take advantage of today's hottest promotional trend and order your customized products Pre-Loaded to Auto-Run your organization's presentations and advert -isements!

Pre-Load Private Data Area A hidden data area not visible to the user can securely store information and/or collect information for a variety of uses. Non-Erasable Content Pre-load specific content such as marketing materials and applications that you never want removed by end users. Secure User Partition Store data in an encrypted partition with password protection or allow all users access using a public partition. Unique Identification A pre-configured unique serial number can be pre-loaded onto each individual drive for software protection, dongle replacem -ent, and other security/identification purposes. Unique Identification Protect your computer and/or flash drive from unauthorized access. Users will be prompted to enter a password upon use.


With our Auto-Run service, you can take your Pre-Loaded media application to the next level. By programming your
content to automatically launch once the product is plugged into a computer, we can ensure that your content will be 
opened and not ignored. Here are some examples of content you might use to take advantage of our Auto-Run Service: 
Interactive Flash Application

Flash/PowerPoint Presentation

Software Program

Movie Clip

Pop-up Website and More...
Pre-Loading Disclaimer: Auto-run and pre-loading features may not function properly on all Mac computers, 
however, the flash Drives will still be functional for storage when used in Mac computers. Please contact your 
sales representative,if you have any questions or concerns.
Logo Imprint Options 
Every product has varying logo imprint options and imprint areas.Please check an individual product page to view
 the imprint options/areas available for a specific model. Below are sample images of the various imprint options 
we use to customize our products.
To fulfill all of your gift/premium needs, we now also carry other promotional products such as: Pens, Keychains, T
Caps, Tote Bags, Mouse Pads...etc; with high quality and low price guaranteed!  



1-4 Color Imprinting

- Works with most products
- Print one or more solid colors (including whie, black, grey)
- Our most popular option

Multi-Color Printing

- Works with most products
- Required for graphics with gradients and blending
- Looks best on light-colored products (white, silver, etc.)

Laser Engraving

- Works with metal surfaces only (different metals yield 
- Produces sharp, polished results
- Most durable (long-lasting) option
- Colorized laser options also available on some metal-surfaced 

Heat Stamping

- Available on select few products only (Eastwood, Leatherman,
- Produces an impression of the graphic into product��s 
- No color is added or changed to the product��s surface

Logo Shield Printing

- Available on select few products only (Slider, Pocker Jr.)
- Imprint is protected by a clear plastic dome for durability
- Logos with gradients and fades may incur additional costs


- Available on Sentinel, Charm model only
- Logo illuminates when plugged in; invisible when
- LED colors available: blue, red, green, orange, white
- Imprint is protected by a clear plastic dome for durability


Graphic Design Our talented team of creative professionals can assist you with any aspect of your order including:

Logo creation Logo vectorization Custom packaging design Custom memory card lable design Custom brochure, user manual, flyer design and more! Our super talented designers will work with you to understand your practical and stylistic needs to produce outstanding grap -hics. Please contact us for sample of work and pricing.

Custom Packing:

Here are our most popular customized flash drive packaging options. If you have a packaging idea not listed below, please let us know, we have the resources to make your idea a reality. Packaging compatibility varies for all products.Please contact your sales representative to discuss packaging and custom pac -kaging options. We will make sure that your diverse presentation needs are fulfilled!